Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2008 recap: knitting

The part II of what I did in 2008, or, belated pics of finished objects! I had to tweak the images a lot, because the lighting and my phone camera were not cooperating. Comes with living this far up North, I guess (and not having any time to take photos when it actually is light.

First, I do shrug, back view:


This has actually been done since... September? But I only found the right bead in November, and then the shrug-wearing period had already been and gone. Sigh. I think I chose the wrong yarn for this - it'd be great in a laceweight yarn, but this stuff is too drapey for the lace. I may still wear it, next summer.

Next, Ivy from the front:

And the back:

It fits OK, but honestly, I did the top in size XS and the bottom in M, and it still is a bit too tight. I probably should've used size S with the skinny sleeve option the designer has put up on her website, but never mind. I've already worn it a lot, because 100% merino wool is exactly the right option for cold winter mornings. And the colour is great!

I've also knit a variegated top-down red mohair beret for myself (from the beret recipe at Through the Loops), and other bits and pieces (such as socks for my goddaughter), but no pics of those. Yes, I've been busy and lazy when I wasn't busy.

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