Friday, May 07, 2010

Where the yarn ended up

So, the Ravelympics have been and gone. The yarn got finished in time, and almost immediately I cast on a pair of socks. Never mind that this was fairly high micron-count merino, and while it was a 3-ply with a fair amount of twist, it could've had more. I'm wearing the socks now, and although they are pilling and looking a bit bedraggled already, they are very, very comfortable.

On to the pictures:

3-ply Merino from Merinovilla, 217 m / 92 g, wpi: 14-18, spun with short draw across the top - on the wheel, natch.

Haruha socks
, pattern by Kristel Nyberg.

What, another beauty shot?

And of course, the badge.

After that I have spun up some more stuff - but that's enough for one post, don't you think?