Monday, September 29, 2008

Ties, I has them

Now, only the blocking and finishing remain. And seaming. Mustn't forget seaming.

Approx. 1 metre long, x 2. Natch.

Actually, these have been done for weeks, but I had - literally - 5 minutes to spare, so here they are.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rip 'n stitch

Lots of stuff done... I've actually finished both sleeves of Ivy, and spun a good deal. Then I also kitchenered and ripped the bottom of the back piece - because no way was I going to re-do it. I've already ripped and re-knit one front piece (left) and parts of every single piece, some several times. Enough is enough. And now I only have the ties left! The pattern calls for a whopping 130 cm a piece, far too long. I'm going to knit ca. 1 metre and then measure. We'll see. But now, on to pictures:

Grafting the bottom to the finished back:

Ripping off the old and too small bottom part:

Too tired now to do the spinning pics. Maybe later, in another post.