Friday, July 20, 2007

More progress, and some sun

The thing is starting to get its shape! Exiting. But there are some problems:

Maybe you can't see it, but I can. The elbow-to-shoulder increases give you some more stitches to play with, but they're not enough to follow the pattern, so you get these annoying, shapeless patches... I tried to do some stuff with them, (it seems to be a good idea to at least do CP rows 1 and 10), but as you can see, not too successfully.

Here you can see it in its full, washed-out glory:

I've actually done the armhole and moved into FP. And because of the teeny-tiny pattern mod on elbow-shoulder row 1 (remember, its CP row 10, not 1), I didn't have to do the modification detailed here, but could do CP row 15 on the short row 60, and then turn the work and use FP row 6. Note that after the short row, you have 'moved' the first pattern repeat of CP to the first/last repeat of FP. Confusing? Slightly, but not impossible.

Soon, it'll be time to cast on for the second half...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Golden rings of Progress

Long time no update... but at least I can show some progress, here:

Observe the lovely 'golden' rings for stitch markers (I kept one of the hair ties as a reminder of changing rows). Really, they're curtain rings, but strangely appropriate for this project, don't you think?

I did one modification to the pattern. To keep the lace pattern continuous, the 1st row in the elbow-to shoulder section now reads like this (right sleeve):

Row 1: CP row 10, m1 (right needle), place marker

Then of course I had to twist the 1st stitch of the 2nd row, but that's trivial. I'm now halfway to the shoulder section, which is good. Now if I only can finish this before the winter!