Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Coming up for air...

Oof. For the last month I've been renovating and moving. Just 500 metres away, but the new place is much, much nicer - and it's all mine! (And the bank's. But I'm the one with the keys.) There was loads of work to be done, though it may not look like it:

Before and after:

You know, looking at the picture you might be tempted to say that before is better than after (minus the horrid early 90s lamp), but believe you me, picture does not tell all. The old, dirty wallpaper that was full of nail holes is off and the walls have been painted, painting the ceiling white made the room higher, and finally having the old, yellowed and badly scratched birch parquetry floor sanded and refinished made it like a completely new floor.

You might think that I've had no time for anything else, but you'd be wrong. The Tour de Fleece was luckily completed just in time before everything started (and yes, I spun every day and even completed my challenge of spinning silk), but even in the middle of all the fuss I found reaching for my spindle. I've been meaning to talk about my adventures in wool washing since... er... the spring, and this project ties into it. Also, there has been progress with the Bayerische socks, although now that the first one's past the heel, you can't really tell!

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