Saturday, July 04, 2009

Tour de Fleece

Even though I'm only mildly curious about cycling, I still enrolled into the Tour de Fleece (Flickr group), with the following goals:

  • Spin something every day (except for rest days, if desired). Anything. One minute counts. Fiber prep is an acceptable substitute if I run out of fiber and don’t want to spin straight from the lock.

  • For the challenge on 22nd, select one of the following routes:

    • spin silk

    • spin from the fold

    • spin/ply for at least 30 mins (stops to fix broken single/yarn, change bobbins etc. count in the time)

    • find out how to set the twist in that skein of cotton and actually do it

Day 1 has started the tour well, since I've both spun and prepped fiber. I doubt I'll be posting a day-to-day basis, but I may do some (photo-less) updates to keep track of my process - or lack thereof.

En seuraa pyöräilyä, mutta olen mukana Tour de Fleecessä. Heh.

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