Friday, June 13, 2008

Yes, I still knit (FO extravaganza!)

I've always wanted to use that word somewhere.

Now, a project I've been wearing for months and months, but hadn't uploaded the pictures yet... ta-dah!

The Red Socks

Wunnerful, innit? The lovely object in the background is my gran's spinning wheel. Certainly antique, and she may have got it from her gran - we're not sure. About that wheel, and my other gran's not-so-antique but much more functioning wheel, more later (maybe). As for the socks, I'm really happy how they turned out. The colourwork is done and mostly even, the pattern looks good, and I love, love, love the red colour. Just thinking about it makes my feet warmer.




Finally finished, in time for a graduation party. I really can't decide how I feel about this one now that it's finished. Mostly it's the yarn, which is already starting to pill (cotton-acrylic mix, I'm just saying...), and is so drapey that the edging started to curl back up the same day I finished blocking it. And I do mean blocking it - I soaked the thing in hot water and let it dry for a day and a half, pinned in place. Concerning pattern mods, I made it a little bit longer than the pattern, but probably should've made it at least 5 cm longer yet. This is a pattern for short-waisted ladies (of which I am not one). Another thing was to do the 2nd round of crochet (well, I did it twice, first try was much too twisty and big, due to my inability to read the instructions) in crab (or backwards) instead of normal single crochet stitch.

As for the UFOs? Well, I think that's a tale for another post. Actually, I do have one almost-FO... but like I said, that's for later.

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