Sunday, March 02, 2008

Something started and UFO sightings

Well, I finally started Ivy from Knitty's 2006 fall issue. The yarn is Novita Wool and I'm using 80 cm 3,5 mm circs, which gives me the exact gauge specified in the instructions (24 sts/32 rows = 10 cm).

Well, it almost does. I noticed that the ribbing is a little tight, and the stockinette immediately after is a few stitches off by 10 cm to the tighter side, but I guess (hope!) that it'll do. As a precaution, however, I'll be knitting the ribbing for the front pieces in size S instead of XS, which is what I started the back piece with. It's coming along gratifyingly quickly, and I find I like doing stockinette. Ah, so soothing...

Here's where I've come so far:

Then another progress report, this time on the Red Socks. I managed to get through the first sock and the colourwork, and now I find I'm stuck at the second sock:

I hope I can get them done tomorrow. Seriously, it's not that much work, and I'm thinking that I'm finally getting a hang of the colourwork. Tension is a problem, as always, but practice makes perfect, right?

And about those UFO:s... The I do shrug is still missing the final touches (i.e. The Right Bead, which I haven't found yet), as is the Soleil top. I know everybody says they hate seaming, and usually I don't mind (it's the weaving of the ends that gets me), and there are only two short seams to Kitchener (count'em! Two!), but the top still languishes in its bag on my sofa. It must be the winter - or that's what I keep telling myself. Well, maybe I'll get them done by May 1st.

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