Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Winter turns to sping, and spring to summer

It's a rainy day today, after many weeks of sunshine. But what a change! What only a short time ago was a dusty scene of bare branches and winter-dry grass, is now a lush green, where it isn't blooming white and yellow with dandelions and apple blossoms.

I know, it happens every year.

It started when I spotted the First Motorcycle of Spring. Don't know why I notice these things, but I do. In the town, the bikes are just as reliable a harbinger of spring as swallows, and rather earlier on the move. When the streets are finally free from snow and sludge, some brave motorist will invariably dig out their beloved (or at least so I assume) machine and go out on the first spring run. Me? I'm still waiting to take my bicycle out of winter storage.

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